This chakra is located at the forehead, between the eyes. His name means "command."

It is sometimes called Shiva's eye or the eye of wisdom.

It is related to the syllable ohm, which represents the beginning and end of all things.

It is from this center that the person harmonizes own forces and achieves the balance between Yin and Yan.

It belongs to the world of the spirit, where permanent and higher principles of man reside.

When all of its rays are activated, the person develops temperance, awakens ideas of dignity, grandeur, veneration and delicate feelings. This produces more positive clairvoyance.

Its awakening provides spiritual evolution and mastery over matter.

It controls and energizes the pituitary gland and nervous system in general in the physical body.

Its imbalance produces insanity, memory loss, forgetfulness and fear of the future. It has two divisions each composed of 48 rays, which makes a total of 96.

It is the seat of the Divine Intelligence and it controls intuitive thinking, rational thinking and memory. New realities can be created by just thinking about them and driving toward the goal of improvement and fullness of dharma, thus transforming physical reality.

Consciousness and unconsciousness merge and the person is seen as the union of two egos, the "I AM".

  • Qualities: forgiveness, resurrection, conscience in silence, conscious without thoughts and mental peace.
  • Organs: head, eyes, brain hemispheres.
  • Correspondence: N 2, white, Sunday, light, diamond, Sun, cross.
  • Lighning: green, thirty-two petals.
  • Virtues: reverence, devotion, pity, love and amplitude
  • Mantra: KIUM-TUANG