Its name means "pure" and it is associated with the element ether and the sound.

It focuses on the neck, around the neck. Influences communication and expression, hearing and telepathy.

It controls and energizes the throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands, lymphatic system, bronchial and vocal apparatus, the alimentary canal and the inner ear.

It is the center responsible for the rejuvenation and longevity, Lower Mental or Concrete Mind and the higher creative.

Yogis believe that while this chakra is activated, the person is able to separate mental body functions of the lower bodies. Clarity is reached along a clear understanding and perception of the Dharma.

One becomes aware for the first time that the internal worlds are real and that we exist in the subtle and physical world simultaneously.

It is through this chakra that the person can transform other forms of human energy into unconditional joy and make it possible.

It is a watershed, all lower chakras frequencies can be developed and transformed into unconditional joy.

Once the Prana can flow through it, one can stay firm against the opposition and say no, so that is synonymous with personal integrity. It transcends fear, The "I AM" emerges and can be expressed in any situation.

  • Qualities: fraternal relationship with others, diplomacy, collective consciousness, witness what happens around without getting involved.
  • Organs: neck, shoulders, arms, mouth, face, tongue, ears and sense.
  • Correspondence: N 16, blue, Saturday, ether, sapphire, Saturn.
  • Lighning: blue, sixteen petals.
  • Virtues: tenderness, humility, tolerance, sympathy and patience.
  • Mantra: SIEM-Buam