It is found at the height of the bellybutton, at the spleen, and its function is to specialize, subdivide and spread the vitality that comes from the sun, provides a perfect harmony of body, mind and emotions.

Swa means "what belongs and relates to the ego" and Dhisthana "its real place."

It is closely related to the solar plexus. It controls and energizes the small intestine, the lower part of the large intestine and the appendix. It also has influence on the nervous system and the body temperature.

It regulates eroticism and is the seat of creativity through children's surprise and enthusiasm shown by the universe.

It is where men express an intrinsic masculinity and women their intrinsic femininity. It governs the principle of taste and it is associated with the element water.

  • Qualities: creativity, inspiration aesthetic knowledge.
  • Organs: kidney, bile, pancreas, liver, uterus, legs, spleen.
  • Correspondence: N 6, yellow, wednesday, fire, topaz, Mercury.
  • Lightning: purple, six petals.
  • Virtues: understanding of unity, breadth mental tolerance, humility, kindness and love.
  • Mantra: SHING-TIUNG