Located at the base of the spine in the area of ​​the coccyx, determines our connection with the earth and matter.

In Sanskrit, Mula means root and Adhara support. It opens downwards towards the Earth and connects people with their physical environment, its qualities are strength and endurance. Often called the anchor of the spirit, it is related to the substance that covers the spine, strengthens and energizes the visible physical body: muscles, bones, blood, adrenal glands and sexual organs.

It is the center of survival and self-preservation, misuse determines the physical and moral dejection. It is also the place where there is more intense energy to the human body, energy that allows us to generate life. When very active, the person desires to satiate at a sexual level so the energy backs.

It is particularly important because it is the seat of kundalini and starting point of the three main meridians. Being one end must be balanced and open to the seventh and opposed end.

  • Qualities: innocence, wisdom, eternal childhood, chastity.
  • Organs: uterus, prostate gland, sexual organs, expression, the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Correspondence: N 4, red-orange, Tuesday, land, coral, Mars.
  • Lightning: white, four petals.
  • Virtues: serentiy, confidence, self-control, altruism, accuracy, mental and moral balance.
  • Mantra: AING-Kuan