It is the lotus of thousand lightning, where Divinity widely occurs, man becomes one with his Intimate.

It is located at the top of the head and it does not come into operation unless the individual has made a conscious spiritual work.

It vibrates at a very high speed and covers the top of the head, sometimes showing a golden aura.

At first it is a depression of the etheric double by which the divine energy penetrates, but when the man recognizes himself as king of the divine light, it is no longer a receiver channel but a radiant source of energy and its head has an erect dome, like a crown.

The person has achieved the fullness, has transcended fear, has been identified as "I am" and has experienced unconditional joy. The only remaining thing is the union of individual energy field and the universal energy field.

It's there when the lotus of thousand petals is open.

This chakra is the center of cosmic or higher consciousness, this puts the individual before boundless creation and as one with their potential. He can be convinced that it has the power of transmutation, of the immediate understanding or the direct perception of the union with everything, of the union with God. Through a cosmic consciousness, one feels a loving-kindness towards everything.

In Tantra, the awakening relates to the union of the feminine (Shakti) with the male (Shiva), which is a union forever.

By feeling part of the universe, the person ceases to understand their universe to avoid stop no longer be.

There is no return from this state - there is no death, there is only emptiness where one finds the Everything.

  • Qualities: spiritual evolution, collective consciousness, integration, silence, joy and spiritual joy without limits.
  • Organs: brain, general control of all organs, fontanella.
  • Correspondence: N 1 and 1000, integration of all colors, Monday, vibrations, pearl, Pluto, bandham.
  • Lighning: yellow, thousand petals.
  • Virtues: love, compassion, altruism and energy.
  • Mantra: UAM-MING