It is located above the bellybutton or solar plexus, it influences the digestive system. Control over subconscious mind, specially enlightening the mind. It provides sanity, encourages initiatives, developes prudence in a high degree and its misuse causes a need of consuming sugar, jealousy and the inability to say no.

It is the center of emotions and feelings of various kinds and it is related to vital organs.

In Sanskritm it means "city of jewels". It is the seat of personality and plays an important role in the relationship of the individual with the world, people and things. The ability to connect, belong, establish intimate and long lasting associations and such as family and home are associated with its energy.

The difference between this chakra and others is the consistency and uniformity of the energy radiated.

While love is an energy that comes from the heart, it is the connection established with the solar plexus chakra what keeps a couple together. Fear of not being loved and the fear of separation is stored here.

  • Qualities: physical, emotional and mental wellness, peace, satisfaction.
  • Organs: liver, stomach, intestines.
  • Correspondence: N 10, green, Thursday, water, emerald, Jupiter.
  • Lightning: ruby gold, ten petals.
  • Virtues: fortitude, self-sacrifice, purity, truth, tolerance, serenity, balance and common sense.
  • Mantra: AUM-MAN