It is located in the eighth vertebra, at the height of the heart. It is responsible for all compassion and love without selfishness, the transcendence and the discernment.

Its name in Sanskrit means "unbeaten".

When it is active, it stimulates brain vitality and activity, tones the glandular system and activates the internal secretion.

It is the center of superior or purified emotions. It grants divine wisdom, stability, patience and mental balance towards the suffering or pleasure. It is related to the solar plexus since both are emotional and they affect each other when agitated, so negative emotions have harmful effect on the heart.

To jump from the solar plexus to the heart is to change the meaning of the "ego" and recognize that it goes beyond the definition.

In its transcendental aspect, it is the source of light-love, not only human but Divine, which is described as "rivers of living water" in the New Testament.

The scam gland is located on the heart chakra and it is responsible for the physical body's immune system, so if the energy of this chakra is blocked the function of this gland will also be and the immune system will be deleted.

It leads to the astral body and regulates the quality and interactions of joy, pain, fear and anger.

If it was blocked, this chakra would not allow the normal flow of emotions and the person would be altered, they would have difficulty to stay balanced, so the energy could not flow from the physical body to the subtle bodies.

It is called the door of the soul, where God dwells, where all his love resides, although we do not love him. He loves us and has access to the person in their multiplicity.

  • Qualities: existence of the being, love, joy, spiritual joy, confidence, security, respect, sincerity, disaffection.
  • Organs: heart, lungs.
  • Correspondence: N 12, red ruby, Friday, air, ruby, Venus.
  • Lightning: rose, 12 petals.
  • Virtues: friendlyness, tolerance, devotion, accuracy, energy and common sense.
  • Mantra: TIUNG-SUNG